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Our 600 year old Princely winery of Liechtenstein bottles all of our own wines and takes advantage of special loess soils and the pronounced Pannonian climate that has influenced the viticulture in Austria over many centuries. Thanks to the unique location of our vineyards in a basin we produce everything from full character red wines such as our Pinot Noir, expressive Zweigelt, Merlot or spicy Gruner Vetliner or white wine options which include Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and several festive sparkling wine options.

Liechtenstein WinesOur full line of wines is appropriate or weddings, fine dining, and 5 star hotel experiences and the history behind the noble family and vineyard itself is unmatched and stand out among many young but often over-marketed wines owned by private equity funds or wine conglomerates. Our wine appeals to those who are willing to pay for brands which have heritage, authenticity, and the highest quality of products available in their respective market. The Liechtenstein Dynasty ranks among the oldest European aristocratic families, looking back on an almost 900-year-old family history. In 1136, Hugo von Liechtenstein was the first bearer of this name to be mentioned. He had named himself so after the Liechtenstein Castle, situated south of Vienna.

In the centuries to follow, the family was able to expand their holdings considerably by acquisition, primarily in Lower Austria and in the South-Moravian territory. At the end of the 16th century, the three brothers, Karl, Maximilian and Gundakar, initiated a new era in the history of the family. Karl was elevated to the rank of Hereditary Imperial Prince in 1608. The Wilson family and holding company is leveraging their own holdings and ownership of the Family Office Club, an association of 1,000+ ultra-wealthy families and their family offices to help secure further long-term agreements for the vineyard. The vineyard has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a renowned wine estate and the benign climate, the high level of expertise and the constant striving for perfection guarantee top products year after year.

Currently the vineyard is looking to expand U.S. and global distribution with aligned establishments and it is currently being offered at luxury establishment such as the W Hotel, Ritz Carlton, and Four Seasons in Asia and Europe.

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