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Thanks to the unique location of the Princely Domain Wilfersdorf, we produce the most characterful red wines. Harrenbaumgarten, the special location of our wine growing community, also offers the best conditions for growing expressive Zweigelt and Merlot vines within its basin.

In the vineyards, the application of the  most innovative findings in the field of soil management and utilizing useful species in pest control; provides us the way towards integrated production. All grapes are carefully crushed according to their site, variety and quality-then separately vinified. Vinification and aging takes place in stainless steel tanks, special offerings mature in small oak barrels. All wines are estate-bottled.

Zweigelt-Merlot Veramo

Veramo Pinot Noir

Zweigelt is a relatively new cultivar developed by the Education and Research Center in Klosterneuburg. It dates back to 1922 and was named after its grower, F. Zweigelt. This variety is highly adaptable, yet requires early to medium-ripening sites and prefers deep soils.

Legend has it that the name Merlot comes from Merle(blackbird), since these birds are rumored to have a preference for the berries of this grapevine. However, it is not known from where this grape actually originates. It is supposed to have its origin in Bordeaux, because it was described there for the first time in the 18th century.

The grapes were picked by hand under dry and very warm weather conditions at 24.1 degrees Brix. After removing the stems, the berries were fermented on the skins for nine days. They were pressed using a pneumatic tank press. The second fermentation occurred in stainless steel vats, while aging took place in large wooden barrels.

This wine offers an intense ruby-garnet color with slightly violet hues and a black core; wider lightening on the rim. Has spicy and mineral notes that mingle with delicate black cherry flavors. Full and lovely, with ripe tannins and underlying sour cherry notes; which are echoed by lush dark chocolate. Paired well with dark meat and cheese.

Vaduzer Pinot Noir Herawingert AOC 

Vaduzer Pinot Noir Herawingert AOCThe highest quality red wine grape finds the temperature and varietal air of the Reblage Herwingert ideal. This grape species was probably cultivated by the Romans. Charles III brought with him 884 vines from Burgundy as “Cläver” to Lake Constance. Pinot Noir requires exceptional viticulture and care. These grapes are handpicked in good, dry weather. These healthy and fully ripe grapes go through the process of maceration for eight days under ideal fermentation temperature. Once that process is complete, they are pressed using a pneumatic tank press. Maturation takes place in Edelstah oil tanks and in used French oak barrels.

A brilliant, deep, ruby red wine that gives off a wonderfully fitting fruit bouquet with hints of dark cherries. It will impress the palate with the long lasting fullness and depths. Paired well with dark meat and cheese.


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