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We make the much loved and spicy Grüner Veltliner, which is typical of our region-the classic of all Austrian cool-climate wines, and a series of other popular white wines. Closed sites within the vineyards source fruit-driven wines with a youthful freshness and varietal typicity.

In the vineyards, the application of the  most innovative findings in the field of soil management and utilizing useful species in pest control; provides us the way towards integrated production. All grapes are carefully crushed according to their site, variety and quality-then separately vinified. Vinification and aging takes place in stainless steel tanks, special offerings mature in small oak barrels. All wines are estate-bottled.


Riesling Clos Domaine 

ReislingRiesling, the “queen of white wine”, was brought from the river Rhine to Austria. It is the second most important variety in Austria and widely spread. The late ripening grapes are highly demanding and need best soils and attention in the vineyard. Young Riesling plays an important role since it is also used for sparkling wines.

Harvest took place at cool but dry weather. Grapes had 19.5 degrees Klosterneuburg. After the stems are removed, grapes must go through fermentation for 4 hours and then pressed in the pneumatic press. Later they are stored at controlled temperatures of 20 degrees C, where the wine ages for 3 months on fine yeast and then stored in a stainless steel tank.

Our Riesling has a shiny gold yellow color. You can find ripe peach, apricot and an elegant exotic flavor with hints of passion fruit and litchi. It’s elegant and well balanced with a full body and aristocratic finish. Paired well with a warm appetizer, fish, cheese and desserts.




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